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About Cloth Diapering

No doubt you have seen and heard the pros and cons of cloth diapering. This page is dedicated to sort out the top 5 most frequently stated myths of this very popular alternative.

  1. Cloth diapering is difficult.

False: Cloth diapering is every bit as simple as using a disposable diaper. Today’s cloth diapering methods and systems are far removed from those of a generation ago. Busy Bottoms Diaper Service provides an in-home demonstration of different diapering techniques, gender specific, for the comfort and care of your little one. After two weeks of diaper changing with your infant you will wonder why this tops the list of cloth diapering concerns.

  1. Cloth diapering is messy.

False: Cloth diapering is a simple process. Let’s be honest, the best disposable diaper can and will leak. That’s because it’s not the quality of the diaper that matters. Babies move, and so do their diapers. This is the main cause of diaper leakage. With the proper fitting cloth diaper and cover your leaks will be minimal. Busy Bottoms Diaper Service provides all the accessories needed to maintain a neat and messy-free diapering experience.

  1. Cloth diapering is unsanitary.

False: Because of our dry pail method of cloth diaper changing, changing diapers is actually more sanitary than disposing diapers in your trash. Did you know that even disposable diapers are supposed to be emptied in the toilet prior to their disposal? With our inclusive diaper pail, diaper pail liner, and deodorizers you will quickly see that the cleaner alternative is using our service. And with simple removal of our heavy duty diaper pail liners and a quick wipe of your diaper pail, your nursery will stay fresh and sanitary.

  1. Cloth diapering leads to diaper rash.

False: Pediatricians again and again have affirmed that diaper rash has several causes, the leading one being infrequent diaper changes. By choosing cloth diapering over disposables you will automatically diaper change more often. For one, your baby will let you know when it’s changing time. Imagine having your precious child sitting in a chemical treated, waste filled, soggy, disposable diaper and they are not aware of it because of the so-called shield that keeps them dry. Busy Bottoms uses no chemical additives in our washing process and we only use 100% cotton unbleached diapers.

  1. Cloth diaper service is expensive.

False: Busy Bottoms Diaper Service is the most affordable diaper service in the area, and in most cases less expensive than using disposables. We charge a flat fee of less than $20.00 per week.  See our pricing page for full details. We have no hidden charges, add-ons or incidental fees. We believe that diaper service is not a luxury item, but something that should be affordable to all. Diapers are a necessity, not a luxury. Penny for penny and pound for pound Busy Bottoms Diaper Service will be your most economical way to diaper your child. Don’t forget to consider the cost of purchasing your own cloth diapers and washing and maintaining them week after week. Time, labor and convenience all add up. When you look at the whole picture, we are confident that we can provide you with a valuable service at very low cost. Our customers agree!

We at Busy Bottoms Diaper Service are committed to giving every family the chance to participate in the cloth diapering experience. We firmly believe that this a great opportunity to return to a natural, sustainable way to raise our children while taking care of our environment as well.