Calling All Daycares

Busy Bottoms Diaper Service now offers a program for Daycare Service Providers! Please call for more information: (828) 713-7293.


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How We Work

Busy Bottoms Diaper Service provides multiple ways for you to begin your service. Just pick up your phone and give us a call to advise us of your intent to initiate service. Or initiate your service by submitting your registration fee and first month’s payment online on our payment page. One of our more popular programs is the Baby Shower Gift Certificate which can be purchased in a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year subscription (the 1 year subscription entitles you to free registration). Please see our pricing page for full details regarding costs.

After we have received your initial registration fee and first month’s payment we will set-up an appointment for our Resident Diapertician to meet with you in your home. This is usually done sometime within 2 weeks of your due date. At this meeting the Diapertician will familiarize you with diaper set-up and carefully go over the cloth diapering techniques you will need to begin. It is advisable that all parties changing your newborn be present so that any concerns can be answered immediately. At the conclusion of orientation, the Diapertician will leave all the necessary items to begin service except the diapers. (Diapers are kept in our care to insure the freshest, cleanest, initial delivery.) After baby’s arrival a follow-up call will need to be made to our office confirming first delivery day of your diapers. Our office will give you a 48 hour follow-up call to insure that your diaper experience is going smoothly.

Our delivery driver will then inform you of your regularly scheduled delivery day and time as well as pick-up and delivery location you prefer (e.g. front door, back door, porch). Pick-up and delivery will be the same each week unless notified. Just leave the soiled diapers inside the diaper pail liner at the pick-up location. Your baby’s diapers and a fresh diaper pail liner are delivered inside a recyclable bag that is yours to keep each week for home usage. (Another way we try to stay environmentally sound!)

Billing is done on a monthly basis. Since your account is already paid for the first month, you will not receive your next bill until you are 3 weeks into your service. At that time you will receive an invoice inside your diaper delivery with a stamped addressed envelope. Your payment is not due until the following week. Payment can be made directly to driver by cash or check, by mail, or on-line through "B.B.'s Place" page.