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-Margaret Mead


Why You'll Like Us

Sky and MountainsBusy Bottoms Diaper Service prides itself not only on our company’s service but what we represent. We are strident believers in being ecologically sound and affordable for all families.

We only supply 100% cotton unbleached diapers to our customers because we feel that the most valuable recipient in all of this is your baby! Your baby will spend 90% of his/her time in a diaper. We at Busy Bottoms Diaper Service want your baby to be comfortable, clean, and bleach free against their sensitive skin. We do not use additives, strippers, or chemicals to clean our diapers. All of our diapers are washed in private commercial type washers, in sanitizing temperature hot water, and we use Seventh Generation all natural products only. Our diapers are then dried at extreme hot temperatures to insure complete sanitization. To remove those “tough to remove” stains we employ another friend of mother nature, the sun, to bleach out stains and then our diapers are recycled through a sanitizing wash process again. We guarantee that your baby will only receive the freshest, cleanest diapers on each and every delivery, time after time. Our commitment to our environment is at the forefront of our mission to serve our customers, our community, and our future.

Busy Bottoms Diaper Service is committed to providing affordable service to our customers. At less than $20.00 per week we believe that our service is within anyone’s means to provide for their child. When you figure the cost of disposables and realize that your baby may potty train in half the time using cloth diapers, the savings are undeniable. Plus the ease and convenience of using our diaper service is as they say, priceless!

Combine all these features together, and don’t forget to add in your part in helping with disposing the disposables, and you will see that Busy Bottoms Diaper Service is the right choice for you!